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McCoy Select is a manufacturer's rep agency specializing in commercial construction products in Divisions 5 - 12 and 23.  More specifically: Steel stairs and HatchesAluminum Stairs, Ladders and HatchesCircular and Spiral StaircasesSteel and Aluminum Stair Nosings;   Expansion Joints and Covers (architectural and parking ramp);  Acrovyn Doors and Wall Protection (corner guards, handrails etc);  Cubicle Curtains and Tracks;   Entrance Flooring Systems (Walk-off Mats and Grids);  Exterior Sun ShadesGrilles and Vision Screens;  and Louvers.  


McCoy Select started in 2012 when Robb McCoy bought  "Ayres and Associates" upon Larry Ayres' retirement. Lary's lines included Construction Specialites, Precision Ladder and Duvinage Spiral Staircases.  Robb has added Wooster Stair Nosings and American Stairs to his product line-up.   I am based in Sioux Falls but sell to all of South Dakota, North Dakota and NorthWest Iowa (territory varies by product line).  In 2015, I opened an office in Rapid City and brought my son, Adam, into the business.  In 2017, I took over the North Dakota territory for Construction Specialties Interior product lines and moved Adam to Fargo.


Robb McCoy - Owner  | |  PO Box 91933, Sioux Falls, SD 57109  |  Phone: (605) 212-3303 

Adam McCoy - Account Manager   | |   Fargo, ND    |  Phone: (605) 929-3669

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